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HiDiamond Power Cables

All cables build on PVC insulation and 4VRC© proprietary technology for high levels of copper purity to obtain minimum cable inductance, capacitance and resistance. The Diamond 4, 3.5 and 3 also include a blend of Graphite to block the noise generated inside the cable to bring out a perfect signal without introducing RF noise that would otherwise spoil the end result. 

The cables are terminated with quality Schuko Carbon Fiber connectors and contacts in Plating Silver to ensure maximum energy transfer.

HiDiiamond also provide a proven power conditioner (HDX2, max power 10amp, 2300w) which together with the HiDiamond cables can make a noticeable improvement to sourcing power for low amperage source devices eg.  DACs, preamplifiers, cd players, turntables etc.  When fitting HiDiamond power cables you have a choice of either having all cables terminated with either ..

  • a New Zealand electrically certified Furutech plug at NZ$200 per cable, or
  • purchasing a HiDiamond HDX2 power conditioner for NZ$2490 and retain the standard European Schuko plugs as fitted to the cables

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