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Last Frontier Music Server

The Last Frontier Music Server is a fanless PC configured for the dedicated storage and playback of digital music.

The media server hardware can be configured with large internal disk resources, processing capacity and memory depending on your needs. Issues impacting the decision include choice of software, the nature of the DAC, whether you want to support DSD512 upsampling, the output requirements (USB,SPDIF) or whether you want a minimalist solution for optimum playback. See  "Building the ideal(ish) Music Server" for interesting insights as to what can be achieved.

The media server software can be configured with Windows and optional music playback and management software from JRiver, FooBar and HQPlayer. Alternatively it can be configured as a dedicated Linux player using Daphile, Snakeoil OS or Roon Rock.

Please contact Frontier Audio to discuss your digital music requirements and issues. Topics include the choice and configuration of the server, the selection, connectivity and configuration of the DAC, the  configuration of the music player software, access to streamers (eg. Tidal), and the interface to the rest of your music system.

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