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HiDiamond Cables

HiDiamond was launched in Italy in November 2000 for the design, production and distribution of High Quality Hi-Fi Cables. Follow this link for an article on the HiDiamond company and manufacturing process.

HiDiamond cables guarantee absolute integrity of the signal with clear transmission of sound and nothing but the sound. Using quality materials and state of the art machinery, HiDiamond is committed to ensuring the highest levels of cable design and production. HiDiamond manufactures all types of audio cables starting with their flagship Genesis to RCA Signal cables, Speaker cables, XLR cables, Power cables and Digital audio video cables.

Last Frontier Audio

Last Frontier Audio are the registered distributers of HiDiamond cables in New Zealand. 

Contact Alex Hastie to discuss the HiDIamond cable range, your current equipment and opportunities for improvement, Gauder Akustik speakers, AVM electronics, and if interested to arrange a demonstration, either in your home or at the Last Frontier premises in Northland. 

See the systems page for examples of high end audio systems built using AVM electronics, Gauder Akustik speakers and HiDiamond cables.

All cables are delivered free of charge. 

Pure Copper / Silver

HiDiamond have developed their unique  4VRC and 4VRC999%Ag (on the more expensive cables) copper purifying system to minimize cable inductance, capacitance and resistance for the unimpeded transmission of audio.  

Quality Insulation

Cable insulation is based on HiDiamond's XPLE (cross linked polyethylene) technology. XPLE provides 100 times better insulation than the more common Teflon. The use of XPLE  lowers the threshold of signal spike escape ensuring improved signal linearity resulting in a more natural sound.

Quality Terminators

HiDiamond use the highest quality terminators (including the use of Silver and Rhodium plating) for optimal connectivity, zero loss and no introduction of noise.


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