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HiDiamond flagship Genesis Cables

HiDiamond GENESIS cables are built using 4VRC999%AG© technology in which 4VRC© treated copper and two times baked (annealed) silver with 999,99% purity are fused to realise minimum levels of cable resistance, capacitance and inductance resulting in the optimum transfer of information with unmeasurable levels of jitter and dustortion. Everything just sounds as it should - only the music and nothing but the music.

Notes ...

  1.  terminated with banana connectors WBT-0610 Ag, spade connectors WBT -0681 Ag
  2. terminated with either banana connectors in Rhodium Fibre Carbon or spade connectors in Rhodium
  3. WBT-0152 Ag connector
  4. Terminated with Rhodium plated carbon fibre connectors
  5. Terminated with proprietary HiDiamond XLR connectors using Rhodium Carbon Fibre

All cables come in pairs


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