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Gauder Akustik Ceramic Speakers

The Gauder Akustic ceramic series of high end audio loud speakers use ceramic drivers to render a large natural sound that is full of detail with a wide soundstage and pin point positioning. The cross overs include a room equalisation switch (-1.5db, linear, +1.5db) for additional fine tuning. Gauder Akustik ceramic speakers are available in a range of fishes and come with a choice of diamond or ceramic tweeters, either on purchase or in your home as an upgrade.

Special edition available where ceramic drivers are in black.

All speaker prices include a 10 year warranty, spikes and grill covers.

Cassiano MK II

3 way bass reflex
sand filled cabinet
3 fold equalization
410W / 4Ohm
110 x 21 x 41

Classic Finish NZ$23,950
Premium NZ$24,750
Piano High Gloss NZ$26,950

Vescova MK II

2.5 way bass reflex
sand filled cabinet
3 fold equalization
340W / 4Ohm
106 x 21 x 41

Classic Finish NZ$14,950
Premium Finish NZ$16,450 
Piano High Gloss NZ$18,450


Front, Right, Centre
Surround Speaker
2.5 way sealed
sand filled cabinet
23 x 52 x 33

Classic Finish NZ$7,450
Premium Finish NZ$7,950 
Piano High Gloss NZ$ 8,450


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