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AVM Audio

For a brand that has been around for over 30 years, you could be forgiven for either never having heard the name AVM Audio, or even getting it confused with any number of other brands sporting three letter names or acronyms.

Head over to Europe and it’s a different story. At the 2017 High End Show in Munich, Germany, the AVM brand was well represented and their electronics were the choice of many speaker manufacturers. 

AVM Audio is a German company managed by Udo Besser. Udo is an Electrical Engineer who took over the company in 2010 after being the Managing Director at luxury audio brand, Burmester.

Opting for a more purist approach to sound, AVM are all about keeping things simple in their designs by maintaining a short, straight signal path.

AVM Audio have three high end product lines with increasing quality and value:

  • Inspiration with 3 entry level 'all in one' products
  • Evolution high end product value range designed to meet most audiophile needs
  • Ovation high end quality flagship range for the ultimate sound experience 

AVM has also released a new line in turntables which are well engineered, simple to setup, and produce a stunning performance.

Last Frontier Audio

Last Frontier Audio are the registered distributers of AVM audio components in New Zealand. 

Contact Alex Hastie to discuss the AVM range, your current equipment and opportunities for improvement, Gauder Akustik speakers and HiDiamond cables, and if interested to arrange a demonstration, either in your home or at the Last Frontier premises in Northland. 

See the systems page for examples of high end audio systems built using AVM electronics, Gauder Akustik speakers and HiDiamond cables.

All AVM audio components are delivered free of charge. 


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