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Gauder Akustik - Arcona speakers

The Arconaseries is the perfect entrance into our world of High­End loudspeakers! 

Equipped with all the technologies of our most elaborate loudspeakers the Arconas show what is possible in their price-ranges. They are ideal for people who love music and want to break up to new horizons in sound reproductions. From the small book­shelf Arcona 40, a high-pass filtered closed-box 2-way design to the big Arcona 100, an elaborate double-woofer 3-way system with a very elegant shape the technical solutions lead to a natural dynamic sound which is outstanding in its price class.

The Arconas incorporate proven Gauder Akustik technologies - stiff cabinets, symmetric ultra steep frequency crossovers, light but stiff diaphragms and the Accuton ceramic tweeter. The Arconas reproduce an accurate 3D sound stage that mirrors the musical event. Studio recordings have an added realism.

All the Arcona speakers are now finished in an exclusive piano high gloss black or white.

All prices include a 10 year warranty, grill covers, stands and spikes where appropriate.


  • symmetrical crossover with Mundorf components
  • acoustically tuned drop-shaped cabinet·
  • WBT binding posts·
  • Clearwater inner wiring
  • ultrahigh slope crossover of 50 db/octave
  • Black XPulse diaphragm bass/midrange driver
  • Black Accuton Ceramic Tweeter·
  • Bass extension jumper
  • Front grille included
  • Spike extenders available

Arcona 40 __MK II__

2-way bookshelf
sealed cabinet

100w / 4Ohm
36 x 21 x 33 

stand included


Arcona 60 ___MK II___

Slim 2.5 way
down firing
bass reflex
sealed mid/high

130w / 4Ohm
99 x 18 x 28


Arcona 80 ___MK II___

2.5 way
down firing
bass reflex
sealed mid/high

170w / 4Ohm
105 x 39 x 24  


Arcona 100 ___MK II___

3 way
down firing
bass reflex
sealed mid/high
adjustable spikes
optional extension bars

270w / 4Ohm
114 x 21 x 39


Arcona FRC MK II

2.5 way sealed
optional pedastal 
160w / 4Ohm
19 x 48 x 28  



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