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AVM Amplifiers

Evolution A 3.2

Integrated Amplifier
Modular 2 x 175W

Silver or Black NZ$6,995
With Chrome NZ$7,795

Ovation A 6.3

Integrated Amplifier
2 x 330w Class A/AB

Silver or Black  NZ$18,995
With Chrome NZ$20,995

Ovation A 8.3

Integrated Amp with Tube Pre
2 x 330w Class A/B

Silver or Black NZ$23,995
With Chrome NZ$25,995

Evolution A 5.2

Integrated Amplifier
2 x 350W

SIlver or Black NZ$9,795
With Chrome NZ$10,495

Ovation SA 6.3

Stereo Amplifier
2 x 350W

Silver or Black NZ$16,995
With Chrome NZ$18,495

Ovation SA 8.3

Stereo Amplifier 2 x 350W
Tube input, Class A/AB
Silver or Black NZ$22,995






Ovation MA 6.3

600w Monoblocks 
Class A/AB

SIlver or Black NZ$29,995 pair
With Chrome NZ$32,995 pair

Ovation MA 8.2

1250W Monoblocks
Class A/AB

SIlver or Black NZ$44,995 pair


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