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AVM All-in-One

Inspiration CS 2.2

Streaming CD Receiver
2 x 165W

Silver or Black NZ$8,295
with Chrome NZ$9,295

Inspiration CS2.2/4T

Compact Steaming CD receiver
2 x 165w
Silver / Black / Titanium NZ$9,795
With Chrome NZ$10,495

Evolution C 5.2

Streaming CD Receiver
2 x 330W

Silver or Black NZ$9,495
with Chrome NZ$10,495

Evolution CS 5.2

Streaming CD Receiver
MM/MC, CD, Wifi/Ethernet
2 x 330W

Silver or Black NZ10,995
with Chrome NZ$11,995

Ovation CS 6.2

Streaming CD Receiver
2 x 500w

Silver or Black NZ$18,495
With Chrome NZ$19,995

Ovation CS 8.2

Streaming CD receiver
2x500w / Tube line
Modular DAC
Silver or Black NZ$22,995
With Chrome $24,995
Clear Crystal $25,995


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