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Alex Hastie, owner of Last Frontier Audio, loves his music. He is passionate about audio and for the last 40 years has owned and listened to a wide range of high end systems. Alex has formed relationships with an approved collection of high end audio designers and manufacturers whom he is now promoting within New Zealand.

The sound is optimally aligned to what Alex calls the "New Zealand Sound" - highly transparent, zero colouration, unrestrained dynamics, natural imaging and a revealing insight into the rest of the equipment. You hear only the music and nothing but the music. 

Please click on the following links for the Manufacturer websites and Last Frontier Audio page

Loudspeakers for Life!

Last Frontier audio web page with pricingProduct web page
Gauder Akustik
Loud speakers for Life!
Legacy Audio
High-End Speakers and Audio Systems
Production and distribution of High Quality Hi-Fi Cables
T+A Audio
Everything that deilghts the audiophile music lover.
AVM Audio
The pure joy of listening!
REL AcousticsWe make SubWoofers!
MofiThe undisputed leader in audiophile recordings since 1977.
LastFrontierAudio Music ServerOnly the music and nothing but the Music.

All product pricing is inclusive of GST and shipping. If you are interested in an item then please email Alex with the product details using the contact form on the about page.

Last Frontier Audio can arrange private auditions.  Depending on your needs this can be personalised in your home or arranged in the studio. Imagine spending time in the spectacular New Zealand North surrounded by amazing view and fantastic sounds. Please email Alex with details of your requirements using the contact form on the about page.


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