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Alex Hastie, owner of Last Frontier Audio, loves his music. He has been passionate about hifi and high end audio for over 30 years, and having owned and listened to numerous systems, has zeroed in on the special sound created by the unique combination of AVM electronics, Gauder Akustik speakers and HiDiamond cables. Alex has found this sound to be a significant improvement on the mass produced English and American sound signatures he had grown accustomed to. And, while these companies are German in origin, the sound is optimally aligned to what Alex has identified as the "New Zealand Sound" - highly transparent, zero colouration, unrestrained dynamics, natural imaging and an honest insight into the rest of the equipment. You hear only the music and nothing but the music. 

All product pricing is inclusive of GST and shipping. If you are interested in an item then please email Alex with the product details using the contact form on the about page.

Last Frontier Audio can also arrange private auditions.  Depending on your needs this can be personalised in your home or arranged in the studio. Imagine spending time in the spectacular New Zealand North surrounded by amazing view and fantastic sounds. Please email Alex with details of your requirements using the contact form on the about page.


Pure joy of Listening! 

For more than 30 years people at AVM have been developing and manufacturing electronic equipment for the highest-quality music reproduction. AVM invest a lot of research and development into the development of a minimalist circuit design. This has resulted in the use of the highest quality components with every component having a clearly defined role. They have found this focus on circuut simplicity reproduces the cleanest sound. 

AVM also believes in the importance of a consistent, worthy and beautiful aesthetic appearance. They try to make all their components easy and intuitive to use. And last but not least, they make every effort to ensure their products represent the best value for money.

Only the music and nothing but the music!

HiDiamond cables ensure intregrity of the signal and clear trasmission of the sound. HiDiamond have developed an exhaustive range of tests to prove their products. these include:

  • Physical tests such as product purity, tensile and smoke toxicity tests.
  • Electrical tests such as insulation strength, dieletric rigidity, impedance capacity, electrical conductive impedance and resistance, and signal transfer speed.
  • Audio tests and the measured improvements to the quality and purity of the sound.
  • Subjective listening tests.

Gauder Akustik builds incredible loudspeakers that are ahead of their time. They generate a fresh musical insight!

A loudspeaker is very complex. It transforms electrical energy into mechanical movements which generate acoustical pressure differences which are in turn 'felt' by the human ear. This two fold transformation is afflicted with non-linearities. To be successful you need to fully understand ..

  • electronics, mechanics and acoustics. 
  • vibration behaviour of materials and cabinets.

Gauder Akustik handcraft a wide range of high quality loudspeakers that are ahead of their time. Listen to music like never before. It might change your life.


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